Tokay Branch 145
Lodi, CA

Grape Vine A non-profit organization for retired men devoted
to the promotion of independence and dignity of retirement.
#145 Monthly Meeting – Tuesday –April 9, 2013– Moose Lodge -11:30 AM

Speaker of the Month

Del McComb

Effects of the Civil War
on San Joaquin County

Big Sir Sezs....

Have you noticed how many plants have awakened this winter?  Spring is here!  Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing trees blooming and plants coming to life with glorious colors.

We are working toward having our lunches start precisely at 11:45 a.m.

Last month we did not have any new applicants.  It is important that we invite our friends to our monthly meetings.  We have had a great start so far this year and wish to continue our growth.  Remember that all new members have a smiley face attached to their badges for two months.  Introduce yourself to welcome these new friends and yes, smile.  

John Mendonca gave a presentation about the upcoming SIR Annual SF Giants game with the Milwaukee Brewers August 8th.  Presently we have 25 people signed up.  John is working on setting up a bus to take us to the game.  SIR members enjoy our special outings.  There will be a list of those going to the game. Perhaps looking the list over you may want to join your friends.  Leader is Neal Welsh.  Phone 209-327-2068

New Committees:

1.   Fishing:  (lake, stream and ocean) we are now planning.  For details call Lee Bias 209-329-1323.

2.   Stockton Yacht Club, Dinner with Al:  April 17 @ 6:15 p.m. You are welcome to come as often as you like.  Bring your significant other and call Al Furr at 209-479-3124.

3.   Visitation:  (those unable to attend our meetings) including widows.  We attend member’s funerals.  Ray Mehlhaff died and many of you with computers received an e-mail notice as a service to our members.  Neal Welsh and I visited Ray and Doris a couple of months ago and had a great time.  Doris called us both to thank us for the pleasant time we all had that afternoon, about 10 Sirs attended Ray’s Funeral.  He was loved by all. 

4.   Transportation:  (to and from SIR meetings) Call Al Furr, cell: 209-479-3124

5.    Ideas:  (something you’d like to discuss or suggest) call Al Furr.  Some of us meet informally for lunch quite often just to enjoy our company.   Call Al and arrange to join us. 

We are striving for a 70% attendance at our meetings.  Please attend if possible. bring a retired pal.  

Need a 2013 roster?  Rosters will be available on the bar during our meetings.  Al Furr keeps them on hand will gladly deliver one to your home. Upon request.   

June 11 Picnic at Micke Grove Park:  The cooking team of Bob Gorbet and Phil Schrock has decided on Ribs and Chicken this year.  Take advantage of our Master Chefs/ Organizers.  They do better every year.  Little SIR Check Bennett will be selling picnic tickets at our April 9 meeting:  $13.00 for one $25.00 for two.  Call him for a reservation if you like.  209-333-9727 

Note:  Most of us are receiving Social Security checks.  This year for the first rime you may be required by the IRS to pay on half of your Social Security receipts if you have a combined gross income equaling or exceeding $25,000.  We were told that there would not be any income tax increases for lower income citizens.. All incomes were taxed more heavily.  Whether or not you prepare your own taxes you may want to check with an expert tax preparer.   

Al Furr

                 April Birthdays
Wayne Armstrong Andy Bailey
Boyd Barth Wally Case
Don Eddy Victor Goehring
Jerry Haley John Korphage
Sid Leutholtz Phil Locher
Paul Reiner Bill Reynolds
Rich Ruybalid Terry Simpson
Si Suits Chuck Vieira

Golf Bag

April Golf News 

April 10 - Next Tournament is at Elkhorn Country Club.   This is a two man Scramble, get signed up at Swensen or Micke Grove. 

Apr 26 -   A 4 man scramble at Swensen, get signed up at either Micke Grove or Swensen.   

May 20 -22; Flyers are out at the Golf Courses for the Carson Valley Trip.  I will also have some available at the luncheon.  This is 2 days of golf with a  4 man scramble venue at the Genoa Golf Courses.  Three nights at the Carson Valley Inn, Welcome reception and assignments the first night.  Awards Banquet the last night.  3 nights Accommodations.

Start putting your four man ABCD teams together for the state tournament in May at Van Buskirk.  This a 4 man scramble, the winners advance on to Poppy Ridge.  

Golf Chairman
Howard Ferguson

Lunch Logo
Lunch Menu

Pork Chops
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes and Gravey
Mixed Vegetables
Salad Bar
Coffee, Tea
Special Cake

Dollar Sign
Financial Report
Net Gain for March - $1.35
Balance - $2666.53

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